Law Firm of
Nicole S. Klapka, P.A.

Who I Am

Whether you are dealing with the sensitive issues that arise during a divorce, or you have been charged with a crime, you should seek assistance from an experienced lawyer.  The decisions made by a court in these areas can affect your personal and professional lives for years to come.  It can be crucial to retain an experienced attorney who can mount a strong criminal defense on your behalf or articulate your needs and wishes during a divorce.  I am a highly experienced and passionate advocate, who has guided clients through many complex situations during my career.  I have counseled clients on hundreds of cases, and work hard to educate them throughout the process.  By understanding the law and the probable range of outcomes in a given situation, clients can make informed decisions about how to proceed.  Although I emphasizes collaborative resolutions to conflicts, I can also aggressively assert your rights in court if needed.
After graduating from the University of Florida in 1993 with my law degree, I immediately began my legal career as a prosecutor in Hernando County.  I handled many different types of criminal matters, including felonies, misdemeanors, traffic cases and juvenile offenders. During my career as a prosecutor, I was also specifically appointed to specialize in the prosecution of cases involving sexual offenses and domestic violence.   In 2005,  I decided to expand on my legal experience, and stepped out into the civil arena, where I began handling family law matters, and representing individuals who had been charged with criminal offenses. Finally,  I established the Law Firm of Nicole S. Klapka  in 2007 with myself as the principal/solo attorney.  I have been a judge presiding over youth court, been asked to speak publicly on a number of occasions, and been appointed as an attorney/guardian ad litem to investigate parenting issues in certain family law matters.